Llamada a la participación: Blog «The COVID Chronicles: Support for graduate students during the pandemic». American Philosophical Association

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) of the APA recognizes that the pandemic has significantly impacted graduate students, who, in many cases, are facing the difficulties of being both teachers and students during these trying times. In support of the graduate student community, members of the GSC have created The COVID Chronicles, a new special section of the Blog of the APA dedicated to amplifying the voices of graduate students as we navigate the challenges brought on by these unprecedented times.

The COVID Chronicles is a space for graduate students to come together, to connect, to share, to listen, to reflect, to empathize, to lament, and to learn from one another. We also hope faculty and administrators will listen to the hopes, fears, and needs articulated in these posts, and act in ways to help support the graduate student community.

We encourage graduate students to submit short posts (approximately 500 words) reflecting upon their experiences during the course of the pandemic. Posts can take on a number of formats: they can include advice, cautionary tales, reflections on personal experiences, stories of growth and overcoming, calls for feedback and support, analyses of systematic problems, and more. For more information, please see the call for posts.

We are all navigating uncharted territory, and we would all do better with the support, insights, and advice of those in our graduate student community.

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