Llamada a la participación. Monográfico: «Caring about the unequal effects of the pandemic: What feminism, art, and activism can teach us»

Revista: Gender, Work and Organization

Fecha límite para el envío de artículos: 15 de febrero de 2021

This Special Issue encourages academic debate around how social and gendered inequalities exacerbate under times of bio-political and socio-economic crises—such as the COVID-19 pandemic— in an increasingly globalized and transnational world. Exploring interconnections between feminist philosophy, art and activism, we call for a wide range of methodologically disruptive papers, which preferably (though not exclusively) critically analyze diverse gendered experiences in light of intersectional and transnational feminist perspectives on inter-connectedness, relationality and care (e.g., Butler, 2004; Ettinger, 2006; Holvino, 2010; Federici, 2012; Fotaki & Harding, 2017).

Welcome papers that explore, but are not limited to:

  • Gendered experiences on the reification of patriarchal structures amid/post-COVID-19crises.
  • Experiencesof diversity,intersectionality and social inclusion/exclusion in a translational(post)pandemic world.
  • Construction of diverse/hybrid identities within social, economic, power dynamics, under global crises.
  • How COVID-19 links with pre-existing crises and social inequalities to create opportunities for relationality, solidarity and social justice.
  • Theoretical or empirical papers informed by feminist philosophy and/or ethics of care addressing broader societal implications of the (post) COVID-19 crisis.
  • Feminist writing, activist writing as a catalyst for social change amid global crises.
  • Poetic, storytelling or dialogical/multi-voice accounts exposing (post)COVID-19-related experiences.
  • Accounts discussing world-changing activist responses intended to counter pre-existing social, racial, gendered inequalities in a post-pandemic world (e.g., Black Lives Matter, WEDO, MeToo).
  • Embodied differences: How different bodies navigate times of global crises.
  • Arts-based research accounts on (post)COVID-19 related experiences.
  • Accounts unveiling the political potential of artistic forms of expression to create possibilities for social change.
  • Ethnographies, netnographies,autoethnographies related to (post)pandemic experiences and beyond.
  • Activist (post)pandemic responses, including academic activism, research and teaching fordesired futures.

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