IV Research Workshop on Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science (PBCS)


Deadline: 7th February 2014.

Dates: 24th-25th April 2014.

Location: Granada (Spain).

Invited speakers: David Ward (University of Edinburgh). One more invited speaker will be confirmed soon.

The Research Workshop on Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science (PBCS) aims at promoting interaction among philosophers, cognitive scientists and biologists on issues of common interest. In its fourth edition, the organizers would like to encourage young researchers to participate in this fresh and distinctive forum through this call for papers.

This call is addressed to graduate, master, and Ph.D. students working on the areas of Philosophy of Biology and of Cognitive Science. Doctors who finished their thesis during the last three years will also be considered.

Submissions: Applicants must send a detailed summary of the talk (about 2000 words) in doc or PDF. Summaries are expected to indicate the title of the talk and also highlight the relevance of the topic for the event and a sketch of the main arguments. They can be written in English or Spanish. Applicants must send two copies of the summary: one will contain the name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s) and email contact. The second one will not include names, affiliations, email contact or any kind of information that could reveal the authorship of the document. Submissions should be sent to ivresearchworkshop@gmail.com. Applicants will receive an answer by 7th March 2014.

Talks: Each talk will last no more than 30-40 minutes followed by a 10-15 minutes discussion.

Scientific committee: Paco Calvo (UM), Antonio Diéguez (UMA), Xavier de Donato (USC), Toni Gomila (UIB) Alfredo Marcos (UVA), Fernando Martínez Manrique (UGR), Álvaro Moreno (UPV), Matteo Mossío (CNRS), Manuel de Pinedo (UGR), Agustín Vicente (UPV), Neftalí Villanueva (UIB) &  Hong Yu Wong (Universität Tübingen).

Organizing committee: Cristian Saborido (UNED) & Víctor M. Verdejo (USC).

Local organizing committee: Manuel Heras Escribano (UGR) & Manuel de Pinedo (UGR).

Supported by: Departamento de Filosofía I, Universidad de Granada & Research project «Dispositions, Holism and Agency» (MEC, FFI2010-19455)

Under the auspices of AIFBI (Asociación Iberoamericana de Filosofía de la Biología) and the SLMFCE (Sociedad de Lógica, Metodologia y Filosofía de la Ciencia en España).

More information will be available soon at

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