Bollettino Filosofico: Call for Papers

La revista Bollettino Filosofico llama a la participación para su número de 2016. Las fechas límite de entrega son el 31 de diciembre para el Resumen y Título y el 30 de abril para la Publicación.

A continuación, adjuntamos los detalles:


The pietas of thinking: memory, testimony, forgetfulness

Nowadays, speaking of «the pietas of thinking» could be considered as a reference to a general
«religiousness», to a «devotion» which could remove the dismay that crosses both reality and its
questioning. For philosophical thought, «the pietas of thinking» can also refer to a specific way of
questioning the present time, the world, man through memory and testimony, and also through
forgetfulness (which could be a hidden resource of memory and testimony).
In the course of history, philosophy has always investigated its own process, and because of this it
acknowledged that one of its main goals is to be accountable to its work of memory (as implied by
the idea of tradition), or to its work of testimony and, again, to its struggle against the forgetfulness
which is often the principal cause of the return of ancient violence or fatal ideologies.
Memory, testimony and forgetfulness intersect or intercept debates which involve Europe and the
Western World culturally, philosophically, socially and politically, and they commit philosophy to
reshape itself in the light of new forthcoming challenges (as, for instance, the question of
«forgiveness» or even the problem of memory in the Internet era).

The review publishes articles in several languages – Italian, English, Spanish, German and French –
and submits them to a procedure of peer review. The papers must be no longer than 40.000 digits,
including spaces and notes.
The scholars who intend to participate are invited to send a provisional title and an abstract in
English (no longer than 900 digits, including spaces) to the Director ( and
to the review editorial staff (
The authors of the most relevant proposals will be requested, via e-mail, to send a copy of the
paper, together with a list of 5 key-words and an abstract in English (no longer than 900 digits,
including spaces). The mail should be addressed to the Director ( and to
the Review editorial staff ( in duplicate, one of which must be
unnamed and with no personal references, with a view to peer review.
The deadline for submission is 31st December 2015 (sending of abstract and provisional title) and
30th April 2016 (paper).

The Review Director
Prof. Pio Colonnello

Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici dell’Università della Calabria
Via Pietro Bucci – 87036 Arcavacata di Rende (Cosenza) – Italia

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