Supreme Council of Humanity – World Philosophical Forum (October 2016, Athens)

Dear colleagues,

We inform you that on October 7, 2015 at the Constitutional Convention in
Athens, Greece, the Universal Constitution of Earth was adopted by the
special Declaration –

According to this Constitution, all inhabitants of Earth are advised to
unite in the supranational UNIVERSAL STATE of EARTH (USE) – – through joining the Global citizenship – Both UNESCO and the UN Secretary-General also
appeal to all inhabitants of the planet to foster the sense of global
citizenship –

To become a Global (Earth-XXI) Citizen, everyone has to raise the level of
his consciousness up to the 5-th level – – by learning the Minimum of civic
knowledge – and then to send

Application to receive this status –
By this act you will support three the most urgent for today Universal

1. of illegality of wars on Earth;
2. of equating crimes against Nature to crimes against Humanity;
3. of equalization of private wealth hoardings;

These Universal Declarations will be approved on October 5 – 7, 2016 in
Athens, Greece at the first historical summit meeting of the Supreme Council
of Humanity (SCH) staffed with the most intelligent, wise, moral, fair, with
sense of global responsibility Citizens of the Earth

In early December, the Universal Declarations will be proclaimed at a
special Conference in the UN headquarters in New York.
Thus, if your life and own future are important for you, as well as the
future of your family, children, and of future generations in general, you
are invited to join Earth-XXI Citizenship and support the above World
Philosophical Forum’s activity All its activity you
can see on photos at –
In order to solve the issues sooner, please, do send this information to all
your friends, relatives and colleagues, to all contacts you know.

We thank you for understanding,

Igor Kondrashin
SCH Secretariat

More information:

Universal DECLARATION of illegality of wars on Earth

Universal DECLARATION of equating crimes against Nature to crimes against Humanity

Universal DECLARATION of equalization of private wealth hoardings

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