Workshop on Explanationand Realism in Physical and Biomedical Sciences

Barcelona, January 15-16 2018

Monday, 15 January

09,45: Opening
10,00 – 11,15: V. Luque: “The Price equation and the Extended Synthesis”. Comment: M. Martínez
11,15 – 11,45: Break
11,45 – 13,00: R. Deulofeu: “Evolutionary explanations: causal, statistical, nomological”. Comment: A. Suñé
13,00 – 15,00: Lunch
15,00 – 16,15: J. Suárez: “Stability of traits as the kind of stability that matters: How holobionts might be units of selection». Comment: D. Pineda
16,15 – 16,45: Break
16,45 – 18,00: A. García:»Truthlikeness and Scientific Realism”. Comment: S. Psillos

Tuesday, 16 January

10,00-11,30: E. Sober & B. Roche: «Is Explanatoriness Evidentially Irrelevant?» Comment: V. Iranzo
11,30-12,00: Break
12,00-13,30: J. Reiss: “Inferentialism and the Relationship Between Singular and Generic Causation”. Comment: C. Hoefer
13,30-15,30: Lunch
15,30-17,00: A. Sus: “Constitutive principles, analyticity and explanation in space-time theories”. Comment: A. Vasallo
17,00-17,15: Break
17,15-18,45: R. Frigg: “Theoreticity and observation”. Comment: J. Díez

Project-workshop of the research project “Laws, explanation and realism in physical and biomedical sciences” (FFI2016-76799-P)
Free attendance. People interested please contact or


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