The 13th International Kant Congress: The Court of Reason

The 13th International Kant Congress is hosted by The Norwegian Kant Society and will take place in Oslo, August 6-9, 2019. It is dedicated to the topic of the court of reason.

The idea of reason being its own judge is not only pivotal to a proper understanding of Kant’s philosophy, but can also shed light on the burgeoning fields of meta-philosophy and philosophical methodology.

The International Kant Congress 2019 will have a special emphasis on Kant’s methodology, his account of conceptual critique, and the relevance of his ideas to current issues in especially political philosophy and the philosophy of law.

There will also be additional sections dedicated to a wide range of topics in Kant’s philosophy.

The Congress languages are English, German and French.

Keynote speakers
* Karl Ameriks
* Beatrice Longuenesse
* Onora O’Neill
* Monique Castillo
* Mirella Capozzi
* R. Lanier Anderson
* Katrin Flikschuh
* Andrew Chignell
* Andrea Esser
* Mario Caimi
* Alessandro Pinzani
* Marcus Willaschek
* Arthur Ripstein
* Klaus Düsing
* Michael Friedman

The Norwegian Kant Society with support from and in cooperation with Kant Gesellschaft and University of Oslo


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