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Comentarios al Libro Blanco sobre la estrategia europea en IA: una propuesta por la universalización de los beneficios de la IA, por la apertura, por la justicia algorítmica y por los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible, que no pueden alcanzarse sin una ciencia basada en la revolución digital y orientada a las personas.

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Texto completo de la iniciativa:

«Dear colleagues:

 As you probably know, the consultation process on the «White Paper on Artificial Intelligence: a European Approach Oriented to Excellence and Trust» is underway.

The Commission invites comments on the proposals contained in the White Paper through an open public consultation, the information being
available at The consultation is open until June 14th 2020.

As a group of professionals and researchers from different fields related to Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter, AI) we are making a proposal to expand and improve the current approach of the White Paper, which we believe suffers from important shortcomings.

We are disseminating our proposal so that other researchers and
professionals of the field can consider adhering to it by adding their
. We will then fill in the Commission questionnaire and attach
the document with all the signatures though, of course, each of the signatories can also fill in the questionnaire and attach the document,
as-is or with additional comments, if they so wish.

We are issuing this document, in which we have attempted to address what
we consider to be the most worrying issues, as a focal point for constructive action. We call upon AI researchers and practitioners, together with researchers and professionals from other disciplines who are involved with AI technologies, to add their signature so that many more voices can prevail upon the European Commission to integrate the substance of our proposal into the AI strategy defined in the White Paper.

Unfortunately it has not been possible for us to launch this initiative as soon as we would have liked in order to collect a large number of signatures by June 14th. We will, however, continue to collect signatures beyond that date, after submitting the document, trusting that all of them can be taken into consideration by the European Commission.

Finally, we would be very grateful if you could help us with the
dissemination of this initiative, which you can find, preceded by an
executive summary, at the following URL:

Thank-you for your support»

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