Sephardi Thought and Modernity 2021 Webinar Series

Sephardi Thought and Modernity 2021 Webinar Series. An exploration of different experiences of Sephardi modernization

A collaboration between the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Calgary, King’s College London and the International Network for Jewish Thought (UCM)

Organizers: Angy Cohen & Yuval Evri


February 18th

Almog Behar (Tel Aviv University): Between Judeo-Arabic, Literary Arabic and Hebrew in Jewish-Arab (Literary) Modernity

March 18th

Yaakov Yadgar (Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, University of Oxford): Sephardim in Israel and the critique of secularism

April 22nd

Clemence Boulouque (Columbia Univerisity): In praise of the Orient: Elia Benamozegh’s Sephardic Modernities

May 20th

Gabriel Abensour (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Rabbi Yosef Knafo’s Struggle for Democratization of Knowledge in Fin de Siècle Essaouira

June 17th

Yuval Evri (King’s College London) & Angy Cohen (University of Calgary): Foreign in a familiar land: language and belonging in the work of Jacqueline Kahanoff, Albert Memmi and Jacques Derrida

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