Online PHYSIS Monthly Lectures in Analytic Metaphysics 2021: Guido Imaguire (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) July 6, 2021

PHYSIS: the Research Group in Analytic 0Metaphysics at Complutense University of Madrid cordially invites to attend the six online PHYSIS Monthly Lectures in Analytic Metaphysics 2021. 

July 6, 2021, 3:00pm-4:45pm (CEST)

Guido Imaguire (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

Title: Ontological Categories and Their Topic-Neutrality

Abstract: In my talk, I will discuss two questions: (i) Which categories of entities qualify as ontological categories? (ii) Which combinations of categories qualify as adequate systems of ontological categories? I will firstly present some problems of characterizing ontological categories in purely extensional terms, i.e. as widely inclusive natural classes. Secondly, I shall propose my solution, which consists of an additional requirement: topic-neutrality. Ontological categories should be individually and naturally domain-transversal, i.e. ontological categories must be neutral concerning different scientific domains. At the end, I will discuss some possible objections.

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There is no registration fee to attend the online Lectures, and registration is not required.

Sponsor: Comunidad de Madrid. Research Project: The Eliminativist Approach to Categories: Issues in Ontology, Philosophy of Language, and Philosophy of Science (2016-T1/HUM-1263).

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