Call for Papers for a Seminar on Suicide & Literature

Call for papers for an ACLA Annual Meeting Seminar, June 15-18, 2022, on suicide in contemporary writers. Coordinator: Josefa Ros Velasco.

This is a seminar to analyze the social and contextual causes of suicide, the existentialphilosophical, and psychological reasons for committing suicide, and the prevention strategies we can learn from contemporary writers across the world who attempted to commit suicide or reached this goal and wrote about this topic in their biographical notes or artistic pieces. Proposals should focus on the clues the authors themselves left before committing suicide (or attempting to) both in their biographical texts and in their literary works, regardless of the literary genre, the sex of the authors or their nationality.

More information:

From this Seminar, papers will be collected for a second volume on suicide and literature, a sequel of Suicide in Modern Literature (ed. Josefa Ros Velasco), which will be launched in September by Springer Nature (

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