Call for papers: The V Interdisciplinarity Doctoral Seminar «Between Cooperation and Integration: The Ethics and Politics of Interdisciplinary Research»

The V Interdisciplinarity Doctoral Seminar Between Cooperation and Integration: The Ethics and Politics of Interdisciplinary Research

Friday, 17 December 2021, 9.30 CET

The fifth edition of The Interdisciplinarity Doctoral Seminar will take place at the University of Málaga as an in-person event.
This year contributions highlighting the dynamics of integration or blending of disciplines are particularly invited, and the cooperation practices among them. More specifically, the workshop addresses new directions in the fields of moral and political philosophy, both their mutual relations and their dialogues with other disciplines.
Are there specific topics in moral and political philosophy that require or foster interdisciplinary approaches? Is interdisciplinarity an unavoidable dimension and feature of research moral and political philosophy nowadays? In what ways is this concept inspiring research programmes and fostering originality? Should we all necessarily be interdisciplinary, or rather could we still produce high-quality research remaining in traditional niches? How is the ideal of interdisciplinarity changing the landscape in
academia and helping shape the humanities?
Questions like to what extent and why to promote interdisciplinarity, what purposes it serves, whether its rhetoric has become a commonplace, and what topics are particularly concerned by interdisciplinarity within moral and political philosophy. Case studies where interdisciplinarity plays a prominent role are also welcomed.
The ethical and political dimensions are understood broadly, as applied both to themes and study cases in ethics and politics, and as an opportunity to reflect on purposes and methods.
This workshop represents a renewed opportunity for doctoral students and early career scholars to discuss and receive feedback on issues concerning the theory and practice of interdisciplinarity in the humanities and the social sciences. It addresses the fields of political philosophy, moral philosophy and applied ethics, political science, history, international relations, and adjacent disciplines.
Proposals invited (up to 150-word abstracts) addressing such issues and topics regarding interdisciplinarity in humanities and social sciences.

Keynote Speaker
Prof. Gabriella Silvestrini
University of Piemonte Orientale

Language of the workshop: English
Please submit proposals before 22 November 2021 to both Dr. Rosario López ( and Dr. Marta Postigo (
Participants will be notified of acceptance by 29 November 2021
Extended abstracts up to 2000 words (optional) to be submitted by 13 December


Civic Constellation III: Democracy, Constitutionalism, and Anti-Liberalism
(PGC2018-093573-B-I00, 2019–2022)


Dr Marta Postigo, University of Málaga
Dr Rosario López, University of Málaga

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