Llamada a la participación: «Co-existing with Covid-19: Moving into the post-pandemic world with the social sciences». Medical Anthropology blog series.

Organizado por: University College de Londres

In the UK, as across much of the world, we find ourselves moving slowly into a new version of reality: post-quarantine, but still very much encapsulated by Covid-19 and the spectre of infectious disease. Whether our respective governments are calling this an ‘exit’ strategy, the lifting of lockdown, or commenting on the the myriad of ‘phases’ that we may be moving into, and through successively, one thing remains somewhat clear: we will all be co-existing with Covid-19 for some time to come.

Whilst many of us have spent extended weeks quarantined at home, with all of the accompanying and diverse experiences that may have come with that, this time is now seemingly coming to an end or at least changing in some form, for many, if not for all.  This does and will continue present new challenges to our societies, and to us as social scientists in our efforts to understand and examine the dynamics of this new reality.  What do our post-quarantine realities look like and how do we experience living with Covid-19? What challenges and opportunities for the myriad aspects of our lives, work, social relations, movement, health care are brought about by new reality of co-existence with the virus ? How will different societies approach the new problems of living with Covid-19?

Our hugely successful UCL Medical Anthropology blog series ‘Consciously Quarantined’, that has accompanied us for the past two months whilst self-isolating, has provided a wealth of important reflections with contributions from a vast range of diverse global contexts. We now invite submissions for our new, and ongoing, series ‘Co-existing with Covid-19’. We also encourage those who have already submitted to the ‘Consciously Quarantined’ blog series to repost for the new series ‘Co-existing with Covid-19’, to provide reflections on these changes. If your post is published we will ensure that a link is provided to your original post from the first series.

We encourage academics of any career stage, as well as those working outside of academia, to submit articles of 600-1200 words reflecting on life alongside Covid-19 from a social science perspective.

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