Webinar: Climate Change & Ethics

Fecha: 25 de abril de 2022

Organizado por: Center For The Study Of Ethics In The Professions. Ilinois Institute of Technology

The webinar will explore the roles and responsibilities of governments and societal actors in the context of climate change. It will analyze what hinders stakeholders from more effectively promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation and reflect on what can be done to improve the situation. Topics include the role of science and amateurs in climate change conversations, the influence of businesses on policymaking around climate change, and the importance of concern for the environment, solidarity, ecological reforms, and public education for climate justice.


On the Breakdown and Restoration of Trust Between Science and the Public: Anecdotes, Anthropormophism, and Amateurs . Justin Simpson, University of Georgia

 Business Influence on Climate Policy-Making. Francisco Garcia-Gibson, London School of

EconomicsAnti-Capitalist Environmental Justice. Tyra Lennie, McMaster University

The webinar investigates the roles of climate change-related risks in the context of decision-making, policy, and law. It reflects on the role of the prudence principle for spending on climate security measures and discusses life-threatening implications of pollution and climate change that result from human activity.


Mobilizing the Prudence Principle for Climate Security. William French, Loyola University of Chicago

 Anthropocide: A Crime Against Humanity? Gaspard Lemaire, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris

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