VI Taller sobre Filosofía de la Biología y Ciencia Cognitiva: CALL FOR PAPERS

VI Workshop on Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science CALL FOR PAPERS

Deadline for submissions: 15th January 2015
Workshop: 28th-29th April 2016 @ Universitat de Barcelona

The Research Workshop on Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science
(PBCS) aims at bringing together researchers from different
disciplinary backgrounds: philosophers, cognitive scientists and
biologists, working on issues of common interest. In its sixth
edition, the organizers would like to keep encouraging young
researchers to participate in this fresh and distinctive forum through
a call for papers.

This call is addressed to graduate, master, Ph.D. students, as well as
Doctors who finished their dissertations during the last three years,
working on the areas of Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science.

Topic: The research workshop will focus on the relationship between evolution and cognition. This tries to bring to light philosophical debates regarding (but not limited to): cognition and adaptation, natural selection, predictive coding, philosophy of function, mental representation, genetic information, demostrative thought and perception, biological basis of cognitive systems, etc.

Submissions: Applicants must send a detailed summary of the talk (up
to 1000 words) in .doc or .pdf format. Summaries are expected to
indicate the title of the talk and also highlight the relevance of the
topic for the event and a sketch of the main arguments. They can be
written in English or Spanish. Applicants must send two copies of the
summary: one will contain the name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s)
and email contact. The second one will not include names,
affiliations, email contact or any kind of information that could
reveal the authorship of the document. Submissions should be sent to by 15th January 2015. Applicants will
receive an answer by February, 2015.

Talks: Each talk will last no more than 30-35 minutes followed by a
10-15 minutes discussion.

Invited speakers: Francesca Merlin (University of Paris 1 Panthéon- Sorbonne) & Thomas Raleigh (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Organizing committee: Marc Artiga (LOGOS-UB), Johan Gebo (LOGOS-UB), Carlos Jaén (LOGOS-UB), & Eduardo Martínez (LOGOS-UB).

Collaborators: Manuel Heras (UGR), Cristian Saborido (UNED), & Víctor M. Verdejo (UCL)

Supported and funded by: LOGOS (Research Group in Analytic Philosophy), & the research project The Complexity of Perception: A Multidimensional Approach (ref.: FFI2014-51811- P; Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness)

More information will be available soon at

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