3º Congresso internacional de Filosofia da Sociedade Portuguesa de Filosofia

6 and 7 september 2018.  2nd call for abstracts

The 3rd International Congress of the Portuguese Philosophical Society will be held at the University of Beira Interior, in the city of Covilhã, on 6 and 7 September 2018. It is organized by Sociedade Portuguesa de Filosofia, in partnership with the Department of Communication and Arts of the Faculty of Letters and Arts of the University of Beira Interior, and welcomes talks by all interested in participating and discussing their research in any philosophical topic and methodology.

Invited speakers
Adela Cortina (Universidad de Valencia)
João Branquinho (Universidade de Lisboa)
Maria Filomena Molder (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Markus Gabriel (Universität Bonn​)

Proposals will be submitted to blind refereeing by a panel of specialists in each topic. The Congress has the scientific collaboration of a large panel of Portuguese philosophers and also of the Portuguese Association for Phenomenological Philosophy (AFFN), the Portuguese Association for the Theory and Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (APTD), the Luso-Brazilian Institute of Philosophy (IFLB), the Society for Environmental Ethics (SEA) and the Portuguese Society for Analytic Philosophy (SPFA).
The event will also have the participation and collaboration of the philosophical societies of Brasil (Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação em Filosofia – ANPOF) and Spain (Red Española de Filosofía – REF).

Second call for papers – Deadline: 30 April
Communication of results: after 31 May

Registration Fees

Abstracts submitted until 30 April: € 120,00
SPF associates and members of LabCom.IFP, Universidade da Beira Interior: €60,00
Students (graduate, MA, PhD): € 40,00 (must send up-to-date certifying document) .

Registration for attendance only: €30 (students and SPF associates: €15,00)

[Proposals already submitted, until 15 March: € 80,00
SPF associates and members of LabCom.IFP of Universidade da Beira Interior: 40,00€
Students (graduate, MA, PhD): € 40,00 (must send up-to-date certifying document).]

Instructions for registration and payment, in case of acceptance, will be available on our website after communication of results

Instructions for the submission of abstracts (Please read carefully)

Proposals and talks may address any area and methodology of philosophical studies, and must be associated to one of the following sections:

* Epistemology / Philosophy of Knowledge
* Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art
* Ethics and bioethics
* Philosophy of Science
* Philosophy of Language
* Philosophy of Mind
* Philosophy of Nature and the Environment (arranged by SEA)
* Philosophy of Law (arranged by ATFD)
* Phenomenological Philosophy (arranged by AFFEN)
* Luso-Brazilian Philosophy (arranged by IFLB)
* Political Philosophy
* History of Philosophy
* Logic
* Metaphysics and Ontology
* Teaching Philosophy

Abstracts must use one of the Congress’ languages – Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German and Italian – and sent by email in a single message to spffilosofia@gmail.com​, with the subject line “3CISPF-SR”.

Documents to be sent as attachments to that message, preferably in PDF format, alternatively, in Word:
1) A document containing:

A) title of abstract/proposal,
B) the section of the Congress to which the author is applying,
C) the abstract/proposal, not exceeding 500 words. The name of this file with this document should be the same as the title of the abstract, abridged if necessary. This document must be arranged for blind refereeing, avoiding any identifying references in the text, as well as automatically generated author metadata embedded in the file’s properties If you have doubts, please follow the instructions in this LINK. In case of trouble with this, please send the document in Word format.

2) A document with the author’s name, affiliation and email contacts. The name of this file should be the author’s name, abridged if necessary.

The Congress will also accept proposals of thematic sessions, which must additionally indicate the theme, the name of the chair and contain the abstracts for 3 or 4 talks.

More details


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