The world spirit in the Mediterranean of the 19th century – Hegel in Italy, Spain, Greece

International Conference. December 3rd and 4th 2018

An event of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academu of Science’s long-term project «Friedrich Schleiermecher in Berlin 1808-1834: Briefwechsel, Tageskalender, Vorlesungen» (Zentrum «Preuben-Berlin») in cooperation with the Center for Modern Greece of Freien Univertität Berlin in context of the Viaggio da Berlino a Zante project.

The conference aims to examine Hegel’s reception in the comparative context of nineteenth century European Mediterranean countries against the background of their respective historical developments. In the course of the comple processes by wich their national, political and cultural identities were redefined, the transmission of Hegel’ philosophy and its criticism played a substantial part in the shaping of national philosophical landscapes and of corresponding political ideas, aesthetic views and literary forms. Retracing the path of Hegelian concepts, with its twists and turns, from Berlin to the Italian, the Spanish and the Greek cultural space, should shed light not only on their development, but also on the universal claims of the World Spirit itself.

Programme of events

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